Foresta® Waterproof Flooring and the Environment

Sustainability begins at home. 

We are all responsible for protecting and preserving the environment’s natural resources.  When we recycle, conserve energy, and use sustainable products in our homes, we are safeguarding the earth for future generations.

We don’t generally think about our floors when we consider the environment, but let’s take a quick look at how two popular flooring alternatives stack up against Foresta®:

Natural Hardwoods

While natural hardwoods are beautiful, they remove valuable resources from the earth’s forests – reserves that can take a century or more to replenish.  Once the trees are cut down, the resources used to haul, store and refine the wood add to the supplier’s (and eventually the consumer’s) carbon footprint.


Carpeting is not blameless either.  The fibers in most carpeting attract dust, allergens and other bacteria, and require regular vacuuming and steam cleaning. Carpeting also releases toxic organic compounds into the environment, especially during the installation process.


Rather than contribute to the depletion of the earth’s forests by using natural hardwoods, Foresta® Waterproof Flooring just looks like hardwood flooring.  Additionally, its non-toxic application process doesn’t release harmful odors into the air.

Once your Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is installed, you won’t have to use cleaners with harsh chemicals to keep it spotless. Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is waterproof, mold-resistant and does not stain.  The fade-resistant surface also ensures that you won’t need to use polyurethane or other noxious treatments to maintain the floor’s appearance.

Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is also reusable. The panels can be taken apart and reassembled in another room or house.

We all benefit from introducing environmentally sustainable practices into our homes.  To find out how Foresta® Waterproof Flooring can help make your home a little greener, contact us today. 

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Foresta® in every room of the house!

Wondering how Foresta® can transform your entire home? Let’s take a tour with Foresta in mind:

Kitchen: Foresta® floors are waterproof and stain-resistant.  Kitchen spills and food debris will no longer drive you crazy. You can quickly and easily clean up from messy meal preparation without worry.

Dining room: Are you hosting a holiday dinner and need brand new flooring yesterday? Foresta® floors are installed with your time and the environment in mind – no waiting for the floor to dry or contending with lingering toxic odors during your family’s meal.

Living room: For most families, the living room is Grand Central Station.  Over time, hardwoods and carpeting will begin to show the wear and tear of constant traffic, heavy furniture and lounging pets. Foresta® floors will maintain their beautiful finish no matter what your family puts it through.

Bathroom:  Since Foresta® floors are designed for any environment, you don’t have to worry about steam from the shower warping your floors.

Bedroom: It’s supposed to be your sanctuary, so why not create an elegant and maintenance-free environment for your restful moments?

Basement: You can feel confident in knowing that your basement will be attractive and free from chronic moisture issues.

With Foresta® flooring running throughout your entire home, you can create an atmosphere of seamless design for you and your family.

 Contact us today for a consultation.

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ARDENART Waterproof Mouldings & Transitions

If you’ve been wondering how Foresta® Flooring gets such a flawless and finished look on all of our flooring applications, here’s your answer… Ardenart.

To complete the seamless look of our flooring, Foresta®Flooring uses Waterproof Mouldings & Transitions provided by Ardenart LLC.

These Snap-On Mouldings & Transitions allow for easy installation and application for both ceilings and floors, with no nail holes shown.  You simply need to attach the self-aligning clips to the wall (with your choice of tools), and push the moulding onto the clips.  Installation has never been so fast and easy!

Much like Foresta® products, the strong hard surface of the PVC mouldings, resists fading, chipping, cracking, and splintering, while remaining waterproof, fire retardant, and germ, mold, & most chemical resistant.  Ardenart products also work perfectly with Foresta® to further ensure that any irregularities between the floor and wall are concealed, along with preventing water, insects, germs, and other unwanted dirt from slipping behind the mouldings.

The mouldings come in 15 different woodgrain finishes and, depending on your needs and project specifications,  1 of 2 different styles: Traditional Series & King Series in both Crown and Baseboard Mouldings.  Transitions are also available in 8 different  finishes.

For further information on how you can incorporate Ardenart products into your next Foresta® Flooring installation, call one of our flooring representatives today!

Also, check out for more Ardenart specific information!

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Foresta® Focus: MPH Salon & Art Studio

Project Scope: Entire floor of Beauty Salon & Art Studio

Location: Locust Valley, NY

Project Size: 1,200 sq/ft, panel installation on wall

Why Foresta®?: As a beauty salon, the project called for a floor that would hold up despite exposure to various chemicals.  Decora by Foresta® Flooring is not only 100% waterproof, but also chemical, mold, and stain resistant.  In addition, the ability to maintain and clean the floors was of the utmost importance when dealing heavily with hair.  Unlike many wood floors, Decora‘s tight fitting panels assure that no hair, dust, or dirt will fall in the cracks.

Wood Color: Decora by Foresta® Flooring — Dark Walnut

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Introducing… DECORA Flooring!

Foresta® Flooring is happy to announce the expansion of our product line to include Decora waterproof flooring.  This adds 8 new realistic wood finishes to our current offerings!

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The Cold, Hard Facts about Foresta®

We know why Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is the perfect decorating solution, but do you?

  • It looks like a beautiful hardwood floor, but is 100% waterproof.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is designed for any environment, including kitchens,bathrooms, laboratories, medical offices, and even saunas.Also suitable for radiant heated floors up to 90 degrees.
  • Easy installation. Plus, no waiting time required, as the floor can be used immediately upon installation.
  • Environmentally safe. No odor during installation or afterwards.
  • A floating floor, Foresta® Waterproof Flooring is not glued down.
  • Will not stain, not even from markers, paint and liquids.
  • Unique coating system ensures fade-resistant surface.
  • Foresta® Waterproof Flooring can be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere.
  • Easy to clean and care for. Mold and mildew resistant.
  • 20-year Residential Waterproof Warranty.
  • Fully tested and researched, Foresta® is the newest trend in floors.
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